PULSAR | 180º
En PULSAR desarrollamos sistemas de branding / identidad corporativa y estrategias de diseño. Nuestros casos de éxito han sido premiados y publicados en distintos concursos y publicaciones nacionales e internacionales.
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PHILOSOPHY 180° is a new way of thinking and doing gastronomy: science, art, design and culture merged, in the provision of personalized and high-quality corporate services. 180° is born and nourished by these four elements: the kitchen as the oldest laboratory of chemistry, physics and biology; the kitchen as a space for creativity, imagination and innovation; the kitchen as over-determination of colors, senses and textures and the kitchen as culture, as the complex result of the interaction between our nature and our history. 180° is convinced that this search and this effort to articulate unique records make their products and services the best option for demanding and sophisticated audiences. An audience without borders. An audience that defines trends. BRAND 180° is an inclusion framework for culinary diversity. 180° Celsius (356° Fahrenheit) is also the right temperature for good cooking. It is the pursuit of culinary perfection.

Branding, Editorial, Identidad, Producción, Papelería, Web
Branding, editorial, identidad, producción, papelería, web