Consultant in branding, design and communication

At Pulsar we develop branding / corporate identity systems and design strategies. Our success stories have been awarded in various competitions and appeared in multiple national and international publications.
These achievements are the result of dedication, effort and a commitment to excellence.

The talented people we work with are responsible for the success of our company. Our teams are configured specially for each client and need. This allows us to provide a highly competitive, professional, agile and creative service.
We can help your company or product reach more people and do it with a professional identity.

Awards and honours


2008 – 2009 – 2010 – 2011 – 2013


 CLAP Award

Andrés E. Bustamante


Graphic Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism. Argentina.

In 2003, Andrés co-created DESIGNURBANO, a studio dedicated to providing design and communication solutions to the real estate industry. In 2009 he won the WIPO / WIPO Award for the Branding of ADIT-ION. In 2010 he created BDG, a studio dedicated to the development of branding, design and advertising projects. In 2011, Andrés designed and launched to the market SHOP VOKO, an online store for objects, lighting and furniture of Argentine design. In 2013 the identity of this store receives the INNOVAR award.
In the same year he created and launched jointly with CEDU

(Business Chamber of Urban Developers) the DIBA interior design contest, which took place at the Recoleta Cultural Center within the framework of the BienalBA2013.

The objective of the contest was to promote the culture of National Design taking into account the impact on the environment, the choice and application of the materials chosen, the recognition of the available resources, their cost-benefit relation, their social value and the utilization Of recycled materials.He is currently working on design, branding and consulting projects in corporate identity systems.

Some of his most celebrated works were done for companies and organizations from around the world. His work has received numerous awards from national and international level competitions: INNOVAR (2008 (EAA), 2009 (ADIT-ION), 2010 (PROtejido), 2011 (RECYCLIGHT), 2013 (TIENDA VOKO), a competition developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Argentina and has also received international design awards WIPO / WIPO and CLAP. His designs have been published in China, Germany and Argentina.